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Whitetail Institute
Whitetail Institute are producers of Proven, Quality Antler Development Products Since 1988. Food Plot Seed, minerals and vitamins for whitetail deer are just a few of the products we supply hunters. Whitetail Institute has been recognized as the pioneer and leader in food plots and whitetail deer nutrition. With over 2,000 acres of on-site research facilities and a research staff that includes a plant geneticist, wildlife biologist and ruminant nutrition specialist, the Institute is second to none in producing the most research-proven products available. The Institute is the only company that has developed hybrid seeds specifically for whitetail deer, and all products are simply the most nutritious, long-lasting food plot products on the market.
Trophy Rock
Trophy Rock is the most effective all-natural mineral supplement available and serious hunters swear to us they’ve never used a better product. With 65 natural macro and micro trace minerals, Trophy Rock improves antler growth and over-all herd health. It also attracts and holds deer on your hunting property. It is a fantastic scouting tool when used in combination with trail cameras.
Acorn Rage

Acorns are collected, crushed, and blended with a special oil-enriched roasted soybean meal through an extensive extrusion process. The secret lies in quickly preserving and stabilizing the fresh oils and flavors found in a real ripening acorn that just hit the ground.

Wildgame Innovations is a family owned and run company that was officially founded in early 2002, but really started its grassroots back in the mid-90s when the quality deer management movement got going.

Being avid deer and wild game hunters, we had begun managing our own 1,100 acre deer lease in Northern Louisiana. After field testing nearly every “nutritional supplement/attractant” available on the market at that time, we felt as if we were not having any luck at all. The deer numbers just were not increasing and deer that we were seeing were not getting any bigger or better.

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