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“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, and an egg by any other color shell would taste the same.

Many seem to think that brown shelled eggs taste better than white shelled eggs, and this is true if comparing white shelled grocery store eggs to brown shelled back yard flock eggs.  The fact is, however, that shell color has absolutely nothing to do with egg taste!  Egg flavor depends upon what you feed the hens and the conditions under which they are kept.  An egg from a White Leghorn and an egg from a Rhode Island Red raised together and consuming a like diet will taste exactly the same!

“It depends!”  Choosing “the best” is seldom cut and dried; what might be right for me may be wrong for you.  More often than not there are other factors that come into play, and picking “the best” chicken breed is no exception.

The right breed depends upon what you are keeping it for, what you expect from it, the climate of your area, the living conditions you plan on providing, and your personal preference.

In the beginning all chickens may have been created equal, but over the years man has selectively bred and evolved specific breeds to excel in specific areas and environments.  All of this should be considered when picking “the best”!

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