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H. Rockwell & Son

About Rockwell's Feed

H. Rockwell and Son has a rich history of serving the regional agricultural community for over 165 years. Initially started as a water powered flour and grist mill in the local community of Canton Pennsylvania in 1852, it has grown and diversified into a regional agriculturally based business serving a five county area. Quality products, excellent customer service, a willingness to adapt, attention to detail and customer needs has been key in maintaining and growing the family business.

Currently the business includes two feed mills in Canton for the manufacture and distribution of bulk
and bagged feeds. Products manufactured include dairy, beef, swine, equine, wildlife and poultry feeds.
Products produced range from concentrated mineral packs for large dairy producers to feeds for
backyard poultry flocks.

Services include bulk and bagged delivery in a five county area. Also detailed custom mix based
nutritional services for dairy and beef producers have been provided for the last 40 years. Both have
been key in the growth of the company.

To diversify into different retail areas Rockwell’s has added two retail locations. The business center and
offices are located in the retail store in Canton. The other retail location is in Wellsboro Pennsylvania.
Both stores have allowed the business to expand into pet food, farm supplies, lawn and garden needs,
wildlife products, heating products, footwear and a variety of other retail products.

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